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Newborn blanket

Newborn blanket «Peligrin» will be a good present for a baby when you bring it home from a hospital and then you can use it to go for a walk.

Winter and between-seasons newborn blankets are in stock.

Winter newborn blankets are warm, because they are made of holofiber (due to fibres this material provides better heat proof than polyester batting, for example), soft and safe nonwoven material. Using these newborn blankets you can be absolutely sure that your baby will feel warm and won’t catch a cold.

Between-seasons blankets also are made of holofiber, but with using special technology and this means that your baby won’t become too cold and won’t overheat (it can happen if you use warm winter newborn blanket during inter-season).

The newborn blankets are easy to wash and clean, they dry very fast, and are eco-friendly. The filler allows the blanket to hold its shape for a long time.

You will surely like the diversity of colors! We also have a newborn blankets with the image of Dobrusha.

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