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Set of pads P5

Vendor Code: П5

A unique anatomic shape of the pads with side elastic bands prevents any leakage. The pads can be safely fixed and do not shift. They are soft and absorb well, providing you with maximum comfort due to superabsorbent that turns liquid into gel.

Start using absorbing pads during the second half of pregnancy, because the pressure of uterus on the bladder during this very period grows and this causes necessity to go to the bathroom more often. Usage of pads is also recommended during the post-natal period until complete cession of discharge.

It is recommended to use the product in 3 days after childbirth, if there are no special medical indications. For the first 3 days after the childbirth it is recommended to use the set of pads P4 that have greater absorbing capacity. If discharges are not very profuse, you can use the set of pads P5.

It is recommended to use elastic mesh pants panties «Peligrin» for better fixation of the pad.

The product is included in the State register of medical products.

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