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Pads with silver solution

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Pads "Belle Epoque" for post-natal period are designed especially for the mothers who care about their health. It becomes especially important when a woman is with child.
The first days and the first emotions of a motherare unique and in order not to spoil this precious time we created special pads "Belle Epoque" with silver solution. The pads have everything necessary to make the stay шт a maternity hospital as comfortable as possible:

  • Due to a unique anatomic shape, the pad fits to your body and prevenets any leakage.
  • Perfectly fixed with the help of adhesive strip, you can be sure that the pad will not move of shift.
  • The pad has a soft surface.
  • The pads absorb well due to superabsorbent that turns liquid into gel.
  • The main peculiarity of the pads is that they are bacteriostatic, in other words – due to silver ions that are part of superabsorbent the pad is protected from bacteria and germs.

Pack: 20 pcs. - it is an optimum quatity for the first days because of the necessity to change the pads every 2-3 hours.

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