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Hospital panties

Disposable hospital panties are an indispensable thing during post-natal period. The panties have no alternatives because they are made of special mesh fabric, tightly fits your body, fixes the pad, but does not irritate stitches thereby helping to heal them.. It is recommended to use the panties with special pads that have anatomic shape and absorb the liquid.

Set P7 contains 5 panties of universal size. Sets P2SM and P2CXL contain 2 pairs of panties size M and XL accordingly (while choosing panties, mind that they stretch, so you choose in accordance with the size of your underwear before pregnancy), the same applies to Belle époque premium sets that also have size M and XL. Belle époque and Peligrin panties are sterile, providing extra protection from infections. The difference between Belle époque and Peligrin panties is in their design: Belle époque panties look more elegant, have the form of shorts and are made of finer mesh fabric.

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