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Ferret Accessories

The History of relationship between man and ferrets dates back thousands of years. These smart fluffy animals were mentioned in works of the classics and were devoted companions of people in the Middle Ages.

In our country ferrets became pet animals recently, in 1990s, and their popularity is still growing. It is no wonder – ferrets are cheerful, smart, tender and frisky animals. Each ferret has a unique character.

Of course, with the growing number of pet ferrets, the industry of products for these animals is also developing. The Russian leader in producing absorbing underpads for pets «Dobrozveriki» is also keeping up! About a year ago we released special litter underpads for ferrets. Now we have created a series of accessories that your ferret and you will surely like!

Unlike cats and dogs, ferrets are burrowing animals, they like to hide in some quiet place and have a nap. That is why it is better to choose a special ferret tunnels and hammocks instead of a standard bed like a soft mattress. Ferret tunnels and hammocks will become not only a cozy shelter at night, but also a good play space during the daytime.

So, what distinguishes the tunnels and hammocks of trademark «Dobrozveriki» from the products of other companies?

- They are made of safe materials – soft and cozy fleece;

- We offer models in different colours;

- Ferrets like everything that rustles, that is why we added a rustling layer to our hammocks;

- The hammocks can be clipped to any type of cage by metallic clasp hook.

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