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Absorbent underpads with adhesive layer, 60x40 cm, 30 pcs.

Vendor Code: ЛС40/30

Absorbent underpads “Dobrozveriki” with adhesive layer is an innovation with no analogues! They are designed considering unique physiological features of cats and dogs, which provides greater absorbency of odor than ordinary underpads that many owners buy seeing no difference between the two.

 “Dobrozveriki” underpads reliably attach to any surface, don’t shift and don’t huddle, so the owners of even the most active cats and dogs can be sure their furniture is protected from fluids and claw marks.

Using them is extremely easy: remove the protective strap, place the underpad with adhesive layer facing down, and press down slightly.

Pack: 30 underpads, a bargain for the family budget as the package will last a long time. 

Size: 60×40 cm

Recommended use: underpads of this size are very useful for travel (you can cover the car seat or place it in the pet carrier), at a vet visit. Owners of small breed dogs, cats and even minipigs may use underpads instead of litter boxes. Owners of birds and rodents also may use the underpads to cover the bottom of cages and cleaning will become much easier. 

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