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Kit of absorbing underpads 60x40 cm and 60x90 cm, 4 pcs.

Vendor Code: 40/90

Many mothers get upset about buying big packages of underpads, because occasionally there are some unused underpads left. Also a big package of underpads is not comfortable to carry with you. That is why «Peligrin» released a compact package comprising only 4 pcs. Moreover, there are underpads of 2 most popular sizes in the package: : 60х40 сm and 60х90 сm. You do not need to overpay for buying 2 big packages when you need only several underpads of different sizes, because now you have the kit "2 in 1" by «Peligrin».

Pack: 4 pcs.

Sizes: 2 pcs (60х40 сm) and 2 pcs (60x90 сm)

Recommended use:

-          Underpads (size 60х40 сm): you can take with you on a visit or to a hospital, the underpads of this size fit any bag.

-          Underpads (size 60x90 сm): you can use the underpads of this size to cover baby's bed at night, baby can be aired out lying on it during the daytime, also you can use the underpads during massage.

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