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Absorbing uderpads with adhesive strip, 60x40 cm, 30 pcs.

Vendor Code: Л40/30

Absorbing underpads «Peligrin» with adhesive strip were created by our company and are one-of-a-kind on the market. They were designed for baby’s skin, absorb well, prevent any leakage and have one more advantage: due to the adhesive strip the underpads do not move or shift, and this means that your baby can safely play on it. Now mothers of active babies can sigh with relief: crib, sofa and baby carriage are protected from smudges.

Pack: 30 pcs. (The purchase will be beneficial to the family budget, because it will last a long time).

Size: 60х40 сm

Recommended use: you can take the underpad with you on a visit or to a hospital; the underpads of this size fit any bag.

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