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Disposable sterile obstetric kit «Peligrin» with two ID bands

Vendor Code: А5 (розовый)

Disposable steril birthing kit «Peligrin» contains the necessary underwear for birth attendance. What is necessary to take to a maternity hospital? It’s not a problem anymore! The kit contains everything necessary for the childbirth.

The kit contains:

Delivery room package:

-          protective drape for delivery bed, 140х70 сm — 1 pcs.

-          absorbing underpad 60х60 cm — 1 pcs.

Birthing mother package:

-          delivery gown for birthing mother — 1 pcs.

-          medical cap — 1 pcs.

-          surgical shoe covers (1 pair)

Newborn package:

-          underpad for a newborn baby — 2 pcs.

-          wipe – 3 pcs.

-          name tag for a newborn baby — 1 pcs.

-          Pink ID band for a newborn baby — 2 pcs. (blue and pink)

We also have presents for the mother and the baby!

The present for the mother includes a kit of disposable panties (1pcs.) and absorbing pads (2 pcs.) for a postnatal period.

A pad has a unique anatomic shape that prevents any leakage. It is prevented from moving and can be safely fixed. The pads are soft and well absorb liquid providing you with maximum comfort. It contains superabsorbent that turns liquid into gel.

The pads can be fixed to special hospital panties that are also recommended to use during the post-natal period. The panties are made of special mesh fabric that tightly fits your body, fixes the pad, but does not irritate stitches thereby helping to heal them.

The present for the baby – underpad with adhesive strip!

Absorbent underpad «Peligrin» with adhesive strip is the product that was created by our company and that has no analogues on the market. They are designed with consideration for baby's skin, they have good absorbency that prevents any leakage and moreover they do not move or shift, so the baby can play safely. Now mothers can sigh with relief because crib, sofa and baby carriage are safely protected from smudges.


The product is sterilized and is allowed to be used in maternity hospitals! The kit approved by Fertility Clinic of Moscow Healthcare Department and entered in the State register of medical products.


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