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Mattress Pads „Belle Epoque“

The kit contains mattress pads of the following sizes: 80x40 cm (for a baby carriage) and 120x60/125x60 cm (for a crib).

The mattress pads are made of polyurethane and cotton coverage.

Mattress pad „Belle epoque“ is an ideal support for your baby’s comfort sleep because it:
• prolongs mattresses“ life;
• protects from mites and other vermin;
• protects a mattress from dust and dirt, and smudges;
• helps to keep warm at winter time and protects baby from overheat in
• passes air;
• durable;
• does not absorb odours;
• does not need to be ironed;
• can be machine washed at 90 C;
• is certified in the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation.

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