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Underpads for children

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Gold was ascribed with magical properties since olden times. People noted its healthfulness and rejuvenating effect. Mentions of this wonderful metal are found in stories all around the world: in Egypt, India, European countries. Later all the legends got scientific confirmation and now we can say that gold improves sense of well-being, improves mood, re-energizes, and helps to sleep better, relieves headache. Gold has a positive impact on a child's development, improving hand-eye coordination.


Amazing antibacterial properties of silver were known since olden times. For example noblemen used silver cups for drinking and silver cutlery for eating in order to avoid numerous infections ongoing that time. Even Chinese emperors used special silver chopsticks. Scientists found out that silver protects from 650 kinds of bacteria, boosts immunity, has antiseptic properties, antisepticises skin and fights rashes, diaper rush, dermatitis that are common in children. Silver has a positive impact on overall sense of well-being and increases the overall tonus of the body.


Platinum is the queen of the metals, platinum goods were veiled in mystery, served as amulets and were used for different spiritual practices. People believed that platinum had a great deal of positive energy and improves sense of well-being of its owner. Apparently, all these legends arose because of beneficent properties of platinum, that were found and described by scientists only at the present time and that seemed a miracle hitherto. Platinum improves heart tissue, thymus and vascular gland regeneration, helps to sleep well, reduces irritation and anxiety, has a positive impact on concentration and memory.

The kit contains: 3 underpads with golden solution, 3 underpads with platinum and 4 underpads with silver.

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