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Superabsorbing black breast pads "Belle Epoque" of anatomic shape, 30 pcs.

Vendor Code: ЧВЕС30
Breast pads have unique anatomic shape that makes it more comfortable. Contain superabsorbent that turns liquid into gel and facilitates its fast absorption. Perfectly absorb any liquid and stay soft during the day, protect underwear. Due to black leakproof back sheet you can use the pads with underwear of black color.

The pads have three layers:
        1. Top sheet made of nonwoven fabric
        2. Absorbent core made of fluff pulp with superabsorbent
        3. Leakproof back sheet of black color

The pads are unnoticeable from the outside. Have two special adhesive strips that prevent the pad from shifting.

Included in the State register of medical products.
Each breast pad is single-packed. 

Diameter of a pad: 130 mm

Pack: 30 pcs.

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