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Disposable absorbing litter training pet pads for kittens, 60х40 cm, 6 pcs.

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When there is a new little inhabitant at home the owners face a difficult task of litter training. In many cases it takes a lot of time, nerves and a few pairs of shoes. You can now breathe a sigh of relief as your pet will go about his business where it should and it will happen quick and easy due to the special litter training pet pads from “Dobrozveriki”. Pet pards contain special attractants - analogues of natural enzymes, which in a short time help a kitten (a puppy, a ferret) develop a persistent habit of going to the toilet in the litter box. Underpads are hypoallergenic and safe for animal health.

Pack: 6 pet pads, packaging is compact and easy to store.

Size: 60×40 cm


How to use

In the first few days you have to be particularly attentive to the kitten, because the behavioral reflexes are developing in this period, and it will be very difficult to corect them later. The same applies to adult cats, for example, picked up on the street, but with thme you will have to show even greater perseverance.

We recommend that you monitor the behavior of the pet, and as soon as you notice the first signs of wanting to go to the toilet (anxiety, restlessness, sudden loss of interest in the game), which is easiest to do after a meal (it usually takes 15 - 60 minutes) or sleep, you need to take the kitten to the litter box with the "Dobrozveriki" training  pet pad on the bottom. The pad will attract the pet with the smell, imitating cat urine. After the kitten finishes praise it.

If the kitten has already chosen some other place as a toilet and persistently does its business there, you need to thoroughly wash the makeshift toilet, preferably with soap and water, so as not to leave a smell, and barricade the place if possible, for example, by placing a big potted plant. To eliminate the odor we also recommend using citrus peels.

Under no circumstances poke the kitten into the puddle, despite the common misconception it is not effective, on the contrary it could upset the nervous system of the pet, provoke revengeful behavior in the future and spell the doom for your shoes. The explanation is that an animal quickly forgets what and where it’s done, and in its eyes your "deserved punishment" and "educational process" look like an unmotivated aggression, and you yourself appear as an evil tyrant.

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