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Disposable absorbing pet pads 60х40 cm "Gentlepets", with superabsorbent, 15 pcs.

«Gentlepets» - is a new premium series of disposable pet pads by Peligrin Maten, producing well-known goods for pets under the brand «Dobrozveriki».

«Gentlepets»  series is created for saling on the European market, complies with all the requirements and standards of quality, has international certificate of conformity.

Pet pads can be used:

-          In pet carriers

-          During exhibitions

-          During owner’s absence or any other stressful situation

-          As an alternative to a litter box (in cold season)

-          On furniture

-          On car seats

-          In pet beds

-          In veterinary clinics

-          During postnatal period

-          When caring for old or sick pet


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