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Disposable absorbing pet pads with superabsorbent, 60х90 cm, 4 pcs.

Vendor Code: ДЗ9060С/4

Pet pads “Dobrozveriki” will come in handy to every pet owner! They are designed considering unique physiological features of cats and dogs, which provides greater absorbency of odor than ordinary pet pads that many owners buy seeing no difference between the two.

Now they absorb even better thanks to the superabsorbent that turns liquid into gel! The surface of the pad and animal paws stay clean!

Pet pads “Dobrozveriki” have a large protective surface that prevents leakage even on the edge of the product. Underpads are easy to change - even a child can do it! They are compact and take up little storage place, and a special production method insures your pet will not tear or bite through the underpad.

Pack: 4 pet pads, package is compact and fits in any bag.

Size: 60×90 cm

Recommended use: large size pet pads are ideal for use at home: you can cover pet’s bed, furniture and carpets in the room to protect them from the fluids. Pet pads will come in handy when caring for older or sick pets, in postnatal period or for litter training your puppy or kitten.

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